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Power cables low voltage with XLPE insulation


NA2XY o/j

Standard: VDE 0276-603


Cu conductors • XLPE insulation • PVC sheath


The power cables with insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) are designed for distribution and supply of consumers with nominal voltage 0.6/1 kV and frequency 50 Hz in industrial installations and urban networks. They are suitable for fixed indoor assembly in cable ducts and conduits, over shelves and grilles, directly underground in ditch and outdoor under shelters providing the conditions determined for the type of cable.


Color coding:

Single core Doube core 3 – core 4 - core 5 - core
black or yellow/green blue and brown or yellow-green and black brown, black grey or yellow/green blue, brown blue, brown, black, grey or yellow/green, brown, black, grey blue, brown, black, grey, black or yellow/green, blue, brown, black, grey

Cable construction

Technical data

Construction According to VDE 0276-603/5G Conductor resistance According to VDE 0295
Conductor Al solid or stranded wires class 1 or 2 according to HD 383, VDE 0295 Operating temperature +90° C
Short circuit temperature 250° C ( 5 sec.)
Insulation XLPE type DIX3 acc. to VDE 0276-603/5G Overload temperature 130° C/100h per year
Core identification Color code acc. to VDE 0276-603 Nominal voltage Uo/U 0.6/1 kV
Highest system voltage 1.2 kV
Test voltage 4.0 kV   
Filling filling compound Bending radius
- single core
- multicore

15 x Dcable
15 x Dcable
Sheath PVC type DMV6,acc. to VDE 0276-603/sec.1 Temperature of laying -5° C to 70° C
-30° C to 70° C /for PE sheath/
Color black Temperature of exploitation -30° C to 70° C
Test According to DIN VDE 0276-603

 Construction data NA2XY 0/J 0.6/1 kV